Solar Development Approach

Community Energy Solar is a utility scale solar energy developer with a long track record of renewable development that continues to be successful in today’s challenging market.  Community Energy Solar builds long-term relationships by creating a mutually beneficial scenario for all parties involved.  Community Energy’s market experience, local relationships and financial backing combines for the most reliable source of high-quality solar development projects and REC creation.  Community Energy Solar currently has Solar PV projects across the US including New Jersey, Massachusetts, Indiana, Colorado and Puerto Rico — with a growing pipeline of projects behind these projects.

Benefitting the Community

Increased tax revenue: Helps support local infrastructure

Lease payments to local landowners: Long term income stream to property owners

Jobs: Development and operation of a solar project creates temporary construction jobs and long-term management jobs

Low impact Construction: Environmentally and community minded construction. Collaborative effort with the community to create a project that best fits its surroundings.

Economic Value

Lower Costs: Pass along benefits of falling solar costs to power purchase customers

Rising Cost of Energy: Utilities, Commercial electric customers, Universities and other high use power purchasers can hedge against rising energy prices with solar energy.

Reliable Investment Return

Electric Utility Benefit

Peak Management: The peak hour generation of solar reduces load on the grid during high usage time of day

Increased grid reliability: Solar projects provide capital for transmission upgrades improving the reliability of the local electric grid

Reduction in transmission loss: Close proximity of solar to the energy delivery point reduces losses associated with transporting energy long distances.