Elizabethtown College Solar

Elizabethtown College Solar - Aerial

SIZE: 2.6 MW (DC)

LOCATION: Elizabethtown, PA

Distinguishing Features

  • Sited on land owned by Elizabethtown College who is also purchasing the output from the project over a 20 year power purchase agreement
  • The project is enabled by a grant issued by the Pennsylvania Economic Development Association (PEDA)
  • Surrounded by an agricultural style fence to better integrate the project with the surrounding community

The 2.6 MW (DC) Elizabethtown College Solar project utilizes a fixed-tilt racking system and is expected to produce around 3,300 Megawatt-hours annually.  The power is delivered to Elizabethtown College, who also hosts the site.

Elizabethtown College Solar has been online since early 2016.

View the Press Release.