Lafayette Solar Gardens

Lafayette Solar Mountains-10.28.13


LOCATION: Lafayette, CO

istinguishing Features

•   One of the first community solar models in the U.S.

•   Part of Xcel Energy’s performance based Solar Rewards Program

•   In house design and finance

The Lafayette Solar Gardens consist of two 500 kilowatt solar arrays located in Lafayette, Colorado. These projects were the result of a cooperative effort between Community Energy and the City of Lafayette.  Within this program, Xcel Energy purchases the total generated  output of the facility as well as the renewable energy credits.

Lafayette Solar is unique in that the capacity of the project is allocated to off-site participants.  These participants are assigned a portion of the project based on their electricity usage and receive a monthly bill credit from Xcel related to the performance of the system.  Off-site participants include several City of Lafayette facilities, local businesses, and individual households.   A portion of the project is designated to low-income residents who will receive the outputted energy at no cost.  The 1 Megawatt solar gardens has produced $1.2 million in energy improvements, which will result in a significant energy cost savings to the city.